A boutique photographic service assembled of highly experienced yet unusually friendly creative types. Our knowledge and passion for photography, combined with a client-centred approach, assures that we deliver a first-class photographic and creative experience.

Dan SmithDan Smith
Devised from a canny plan, Lampoluce is Dan’s creation. Dan is an easy-going, yet fastidious professional. With over ten years of experience behind the camera, his eye is as sharp as his wit. It is this sharp eye that is also often bigger than his stomach.

Michael NapoliMichael Napoli
Forging his success in architectural and fine art imagery, Mic has shared a long standing and highly regarded relationship with Lampoluce. If he’s not busy cross-processing C41 or hiding under a dark cloth, he’s probably slaving over espresso-stained keys in search of that one-off bicycle gem. Check out www.michaelnapoli.com.au

Ben PanhuisBen Panhuis
As one of Melbourne’s most prolific Baristas, Ben makes for one seriously good, highly sought after studio assistant. Just ask our regulars!